Ship Welfare Visitor Course

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To access the Ship Welfare Visitor Course online you must select a local supervisor and gain approval from the organization to which you are affiliated.  There is a one-time, non-refundable application fee of 20GBP that will, if approved, give you access to the full course and also give you an approved ship welfare visitor identification card that will be mailed to you on successful completion of the course.

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Note: the Application Fee is a one-time payment of 20GBP that is non-refundable.  By making payment of the application fee you declare that you are affiliated with the organization you have listed.  Should the organization you have listed not accept your claim of affiliation, you will not be approved to join the course. It is incumbent on you to verify your affiliation before making payment of non-refundable application fee. Please contact the coordinator of your organisation (primary affiliation) if you have any questions.

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